OatPro3, our flagship product, is your perfect daily breakfast. Compatible with any food philosophy, this blend of superfoods provides sustained energy, unparalleled nutrition, and great taste all in one.

What's up with the name? OATS, oatmeal, overnight oats - everyone knows what a powerful, healthy breakfast these are. OatPro3 is so much more than oats.

PRO refers to the amount of protein in OatPro3.  More than double plain oats.

3 refers to our Omega-3 content.  Typical American diets are too low in Omega-3 fats and too high in Omega-6.  We need a balance of both, and OatPro3 is loaded with Omega-3 fats from our organic chia and hemp.

OATPRO3 - oats, protein, and Omega-3, your perfect daily breakfast.